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Hello, my name is Djibil and I am four years old. I will be five years old in on February 4, 1996. I live in Oak Park, IL. I never ever talk to strangers unless my mommy or daddy introduces me. To the left is a movie of me doing my dance....

Oak Park is a suburb outside of Chicago, a city in the United States. Famous people like Frank Lloyd Wright( he built beautiful houses and buildings) lived here before I was born. The writer Ernest Hemingway was born in the same town as me. That guy who wrote Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs, he was born here too and you know what? He never was in the jungle. At least I have been to Italy to visit my cousins Aaron and Zachary. My daddy says his science fiction stuff is better than his Tarzan stuff and he is going to read the John Carter of Mars series after we finish The Hobbit Here is a picture of me. Djibril Portrait height=150 width=175 alt=--> I am holding my Power Ranger Lunch box. I don't have it anymore because it broke. My mommy said they make them so cheaply that we won't buy anymore stuff from them. My Daddy took me to see the Power Ranger Movie. I really liked it. He didn't like it and feel asleep. He told me that the Power Rangers were tricking me to get his money...That's not true! The movie was really good and I liked the new Zords...I have them all and I got them from MacDonald's. My Daddy covers my eyes now when we past MacDonald's. He says I can't have anymore clown food. That's funny.

My name means Gabriel and he is an Angel who plays the trumpet too. My daddy calls him God's hitman.

I was named Djibril after a filmmaker in Africa from a country called Senegal. His name is Djibril Diop Mambety. He has a funny film out called Hyenas and my Daddy says his first movie called Touki Bouki is one of the best African films of all times. He also has a new film called LE FRANC which played at the Toranto Film Festival in the Planet Africa section. I will see them when I get older.

I just like to see Power Rangers, Rocko, Animaniacs, Real Monsters, Ren and Stimpy, and Rug Rats. But I liked Euzhan Palcy's film Simeon with the kids playing the drums. Me and my cousin Josh liked it.

Micheal JordanI like Michael Jordan and I like basketball. I have a hoop in my room and I beat my daddy. He said Michael Jordan is the best basketball player who ever lived and is almost as famous as Pele' who plays soccer. I never saw Pele play soccer but maybe I will watch him on the World Cup video.I play soccer too and I am getting good but I like basketball better.

I like music. I like Micheal Jackson's new record and the way he goes "who-whooo" and my Daddy's friend Edward Wilkerson, Jr. who plays the Saxophone and is gonna teach me...and then I'm gonna play the drums.

Ed has a new record that you should know about called Ant Farm and it's not any ants on it. He plays with eight people and they are named 8 Bold Souls. This is Ed having saxophones for breakfast.Ed Wilkerson Cereal

My daddy made a new comic book called The Adventures of Willie Gitback but I told him that I don't think he can beat the Power Rangers or the X-Men. He said anybody can beat the Power Rangers but I could be right about the X-Men...maybe. He just doesn't like Power Rangers. But I do like Willie Gitback and the scary man in the mask, his name is Njeli.

Copyright 1995 by Djibril Avery Webb

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©1995 Djibril Avery Webb

I have a computer at my house and here is a picture of me playing on it.

I play on the computer with my daddy and you can see the picture we made from my scribble right here

I did it in Kidpix and my Dad put it into Photoshop. I picked the colors when I was three years old. So it's an old picture now.

When I get a little older I want to play music. Maybe the drums, but my dad wants me to play the saxophone like Charlie Parker..His picture is here

....he has the saxophone and the other man has a trumpet. His name is Miles Davis.

 Djibril and Josh
This is Josh with me in front
of a funny statue.

You can hear me say hello in
regular ''brilspeak"
or in my cowboy accent.
I will be saying hello in many
other languages very soon.